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Review Of Fastrack reflex 3.0



Welcome to this training module. Fast rack reflects 3.0 latest SmartPlant from Titan first rocker flex beat phosphide reflects 3.0 The first one reflex 3.0 is a freemium Smart Band.

About Of Fastrack reflex 3.0

Fastrack reflex 3.0

Fastrack, which will monitor and give accurate performance metrics for a varied range of activities. One of the major upgrades to the striker Flex 3.0, when compared to the Fastrack reference speed, is that 3.0 comes with full touch and a TFT color display. The reflex 3.0 has a flash memory of 16 MB, which enables the band to save the data up to seven days, the Fast Track reflects 3.0 also comes with a heart rate monitor and six-axis accelerometer, in which the bank and calculate the fitness activities with higher accuracy. The band also has a 90 mph battery, which makes it last up to seven days.

More Information of Fastrack reflex 3.o

Moreover, Fast Track the Flex 3.0 is Beautiful looking, which makes a difference. The band is available for colors green, gray, blue, and pink. contents of the first red reflect 3.0 box, a brand new Fastrack reflects 3.0 box is shipped with a quick start guide. The smart plan with a strap and the USB charging cable,

Front and back views of the band at the front of the band

Users can see the following battery indicator based on the selected band phase full touch TFT color display and back button at the back of the band, users can see the heart rate monitor sensor. The battery charging points out of the box, for the first time, the band needs to be charged for at least two hours, as shown in the Article. Move the charging connector to the bottom of the band connector will snap into the charging points.

Wearing the band on the wrist

To secure your reflex three BAND Well, move the loop up towards the cap, or display. Insert the buckle into the loop and fix it into one of the holes so that it is tight, yet comfortable. Bring the loop now. Move it over the overlapping push

Screens and fastrack Reflects 3.0 band.

Tapping the home button will display the home screen. To celebrate band face notification, flooding from top to bottom will display the notifications on the band, any notification to open it. To delete any notification, tap the Delete icon at the end of the message.

Band faces – o change the band faces and hold the home screen. Slide up or down to choose from the list. Tap on the desired band says,

How To Use Fastrack reflex 3.0 My Fitness App ?

Slide from the bottom to the top of the home screen to access the My Fitness. My fitness app on the band will display the overview of the steps tracked, heart rate, calories burned, distance covered active duration and resting heart rate,

Heart rate monitor App: the heart rate monitor on the band can keep track of the user’s heart rate, slide from bottom to top, on the phone screen wise to access the heart rate monitor, Tap the screen one band will start tracking the heart rate, the user We’ll get a message to ensure that the band is getting well on the west if the heart rate sensor is not able to detect the heart, the HRM sensor located at the back of the band with calculate the heart rate, and the results will be displayed beats per minute, or BPM.

Multisport App: multisport can track activities like outdoor walks outdoor runs outdoors. activities like outdoor walks. Outdoor run outdoor cycle. Indoor walk. Indoor Bronze Age it, or high-intensity interval training, yoga, elliptical spinning hiking. and rope. If the required activity has not been mentioned. Select swipe from bottom to top, from the home screen, tries to access the Multisport. and tap the activity to start a countdown timer will appear on the screen. We’ll start calculating the right. Once the activity has ended, the data will appear on the screen. If it is saved,

Sleep App: the top on the home screen, four times, needs to access the sleep to fast track reflects 3.0 is capable of automatically tracking the user’s sleep. The data will be bifurcated total sleep time, deep sleep duration. Light sleep duration, and a weak time.

Breath App: is one of the latest features Fosroc reflects 3.0 By using the breath, the user can monitor their breathing exercises based on the feedback from the user can choose the duration of the breathing activity, like one minute, two minutes, five minutes, etc, long press on the home button will exit the app

Music App: music app to control the music that is played on the smartphone using the app, the user can play, pause, play the previous extract and increase or decrease volume,

More sections: in the more section of the band, the users can find the following
the weather, camera, and find the phone. The weather will display the current city weather alert the user can view the alarm. Use the stopwatch and the countdown timer. The camera control app on the band can be used as a trigger to capture an image smartphone.

The Fine Phone: The find phone is very useful when the user is unable to locate the smartphone, tap the find phone icon, and the paired smartphone will start ringing. Please note that this feature will work only if there was an active connection between the smartphone and the band, via Bluetooth. Also, the users will have to provide DND access to Fastrack word in the phone settings to allow this function seamlessly.

The Setting App: under the Settings app on the band, the user can perform the following. Change the band phase change the brightness of the band of the three levels, tap on the screen to change. Reset the bank to factory settings, power off, and restart the band. Get band information like model number firmware version of the band MAC address, and the Bluetooth name. First time setup and pairing the band with the bus factor of flex world. To pair the smart band with the smartphone user needs to download and install the first retroflex World app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

1.Open the fast retroflex world, except to provide permissions and agree to the terms and conditions.

2.As part of the first-time setup users need to enter the mobile phone number. On the next screen, enter the OTP received, and tap Continue. The app will search for the band, and display the same. Once found, tap the Fast Track reflex 3.0, and then tap Continue. But the band is successfully paired with the phone,

3.the user needs to create a profile. Enter the user’s name, gender, date of birth, height, weight. Sleep goal and steps vote. Please note that the accuracy of the data is important for the accurate measurement of the activity. Once all the details are entered the home screen of the app will be loaded. Fast reflects world home screen. The app home screen will display the following details leaderboard, based on the total points, data points are the points that the user will accumulate based on completing each activity to earn three points. Connectivity status. Users can pair or unfair by tapping the connectivity status icon, seen in real-time. If the band has bad or unfair.

4.Overview of daily activities. The data is displayed on a 24-hour wheel. The user can rotate the spindle 360 degrees. To see more information on the activity performed at a particular time activity score overall activity performance for the day will be displayed here, Zero points for each day, based on the activity performed

Fastrack reflex 3.0Menu of the app

menu, heart rate, Tapping the heart rate icon on the home screen will display the heart rate for the day. The user can switch between data for the day, week, and month. Users can also get information like average resting heartbeats per minute. Maximum beats per minute, and the average heartbeats per minute. When you multisport tapping the multisport icon will display the summary of all the activities performed. Users can also see all the activities performed during the day, week, and month of my fitness. Tapping my fitness icon displayed a summary of steps tracked distance covered, and calories burned. The user can switch between data for the day, week, and month menu. Tapping the sleep icon will display the summary of the sleep tracking.

The user can switch between data for the day, week, and month, the app will also give an overview of the total sleep duration for the day, sleep score, and the sleep debt based on the target set menu settings, users can change multiple settings from the Settings tab at the main settings page, the user can perform the following, edit the profile turned on or off notifications for all the apps to change, watch faces, users can upload more watch faces to the band. Steps goal. Sleep goal multisport poll. Find phone To turn on all the fine phone features DND, to turn on or off. Do Not Disturb at a particular time interval.

To set alarms on the left to view the turn-off or on the feature of the fan display coming on when the risk is lifted. So then try to set secondary alerts on the band, or do HR, based on the interval set on the app, the bank will automatically track the heart rate of the user. On to another band, update to check for any new firmware for the band, and to update the band unit system. The users can switch between the metric and imperial units of measuring recorders. Users can report any issues related to the band. About reflects more information on the band can be found. That brings us to the end of this training video. We’ll see you again. It’s goodbye from the Titan retail training team.

Fastrack reflex 3.0 Specifications

Band ColourBlack
Band MaterialSilicone
Band Width18 Millimeters
Calendar TypeDay-Date-Month
Case Diameter45 Millimeters
Case MaterialPolycarbonate
Case Thickness11 Millimeters
ClaspFlip Clasp
CollectionReflex 3.0
Dial ColourBlack
Crystal MaterialAcrylic
Display TypeDigital
Case ShapeRectangular
Item Weight24 Grams
Model NumberSWD90067PP03A
Part NumberSWD90067PP03A
Special Features10+ sports mode and dual-tone color
Warranty TypeManufacturer
Water Resistance Depth1.5 Meters
Warranty Description
12 months manufacturer warranty on manufacturing defects.

How to avail Warranty?

For availing warranty, show only your original invoice at the Titan Authorized Service Center.

For more details or other service-related queries, call the Titan India toll-free number 1800-266-0123 between 10 am to 7 pm on any day of the week or e-mail at [email protected]

Note: No Warranty card is required, warranty can be availed by showing the invoice at a service center.
WarrantyIf this product is sold by Amazon, please review the manufacturerโ€™s website for warranty information. If this product is sold by another party, please contact the seller directly for warranty information for this product. You may also be able to find warranty information on the manufacturerโ€™s website.