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Fastrack Reflex Info And Set Up



Hey guys, so this what I’m holding right now is the fastrack reflex is one of these, like fitness tracking devices.

Fastrack Reflex Setting

So, so it took like 510 minutes to figure out how this sort of works. Of course, it comes with a standard USB charging plane so you just plug it into any of these USB charging devices, and it’s going to charge it took around two hours to charge this approximately.

This is the first time you use a towel so maybe you know like, it could change with time. Right. Along with that, is like a band, so you just like, like pull it out from there. And looking at this. So you see the small button kind of thing, right next. So that’s the like you got to press that and then you can toggle between the options which are available, so this isn’t gonna countdown against this is your progress for the day.

I’m going to talk about it in just a bit. This is of course nothing has happened. That’s why you have this sad emoji and 0%. This is the payment date, and as the steps, so again I’m gonna use it, yes. So it’s still not zero. So this band is a standard band I mean, there’s nothing to talk about it. So this in itself is not going to be of much use, but you got to pair it with the app on your phone so you need to download it on the phone.

So once the app is like, you know like all set up on your phone, then you got to open it up and close the first step would be to pair it through, there’s a small Bluetooth icon here, you press that and that is going to automatically search for all the, like fastrack reflex bands, which are like available in the vicinity and then it’s gonna auto find it, and then you’re gonna see that it’s like ready to be used but before that, you also like set up some things here. So, depending on what you want to use it for I mean some people I just basically do use like a Fitbit you know just counting how many steps, or some people like want to use it extensively based on, you know, like for example it could track sleep and sleep quality and other things, including calories and I don’t really know much about at the moment so I’m like still like not playing it around and like figuring out as I go. So, on the menu, of course, you have some things.

Now these options and you can always go to the My Account and then put your details in like phone number and stuff, then you can put some call settings like things you want to do, how many steps you want like have a target on based on what you put in the goal is going to give you this progress throughout the day. Band settings is what I was there, now,

because I’m gonna use them right and then, of course, these are like some of the features, so it’s gonna show you calories distance, you can use it like a smartwatch receive calls and stuff, but I don’t plan to or I don’t intend to use that. So I’ll just like put them in height, and other things that affect the show. So, this is like you know customizable. You can just do as you prefer. This sort of like suits me and when I press save. I think it’s gonna make that buzz, so that means it’s like in a whatever setting so then it has like captured all of it, and then it’s like, good to go now, so all you got to do is like put it in the band. And, you know like using it so it said to decent living. I mean, I did not expect them to be some little bit positively like pleasantly surprised that it actually looks as good as it does, but it’s just like a normal response so many out there so anyways, enjoy using reflects and, of course. 3:41Hope this video was useful, if you’re trying to set up the device for the first time, Joy.

Hope this article was useful, if you’re trying to set up the device for the first time, Joy.